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About Us

About us

Welcome to AddisTunes - the home for all African Music. is your go-to destination for (legally) downloading African music and supporting the artists who work against seemingly insurmountable odds to bring their music to the world.  Because of our commitment to the artists, they collect 75% of the net profits from each sale.  But AddisTunes is not merely a repository for downloading mp3s of African music, it's a community for people passionate about music with artistic integrity. It's also a destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of Ethio Jazz, Afro Beat, Kwaito, Afro Funk, and all the other wonderful styles of music to emerge from the womb of Mama Africa.  We hope you enjoy the journey.


Founder - Diallo Hall

As an avid traveler and lifelong fan of music, Diallo has developed a keen appreciation for the power of music to inspire change throughout the world. In 2008, Hall founded AddisTunes, an online distribution channel for African musicians with an aim to empower artists throughout the Diaspora by legally selling digital downloads of their music.

“From the Freedom Songs of the 1960's to the hip hop that served as the soundtrack for the Arab Spring, music has always been at the forefront of revolutions and change,” says Diallo. "I wanted to provide an outlet for these brilliant and talented artists who face formidable challenges penetrating international markets."

Through AddisTunes, Diallo has committed himself to giving back to the artists that give so much to the world – in spite of the odds they face.

In addition to being a new media entrepreneur, Hall has developed a reputation in the finance industry as a prolific financial editor, having worked with organizations such as The Economist Intelligence Unit, UBS Wealth Management, the Federal Reserve Board of New York, and others, where he's honed his ability to transform dull text into inspiring prose. His writng on music can also be found from time to time on media outlets such as The, Reuters, Ms. Magazine and OkayAfrica.

Hall earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University.

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Uganda-based editor - Hillary Muheebwa

Uganda street kidHillary Muheewa is AddisTunes' man on the ground, providing a voice to the voiceless through his ground-breaking reporting on street kids via Twitter (@Kladogo).  Muheebwa also pens our regular column - Kampala Taxi Sessions - which chronicles the latest music gaining popularity in Kamapla's mutatus ("taxis"), as the taxi drivers ARE the local tastemakers. 

In a country where journalism has yet to gain recognition as an important profession, Muheebwa has always been inspired by the power of words.  "I have always enjoyed writing and communication. Still in high school, I would write articles and pin them on the notice board. I then started compiling stories from other students, type and print them out a in a weekly newsletter, 'The Dawn', and pin it on the notice board.  That was Uganda's version of social media, I suppose," says Muheewbwa.

"There’s not much news here that makes it beyond the borders. And clients for documentaries are mainly non-governmental organizations; but even then, not a lot to earn from. As such, I had to turn to the web, especially social media, to interact with the outside world. Access to computers and internet is a hard task. You have to cut your lunch cost to access the internet at least a few hours regularly."

"On some days as I walk back home in the evening, I promise myself this is the last day in the field of journalism and as soon as I reach home, I will sit down and write an application letter in search of another job.  Morning does come; I tie my shoelaces and find myself walking the same path again."

In spite of well-meaning advice from family and friends to find a more lucrative profession, Muheebwa is a storyteller through and through.  "Everyday I find myself listening to the stories of street kids - all of whom are young enough to still be indoors, but made old by the circumstances of their lives. These kids, though on street, have ambitions and aspirations. Some of the ambitions may sound weird or funny. But when someone withstands cold nights out, knows no one nearby and is not sure when he will get something to eat , the least we can do is to try to understand them a little bit better.  It's my moral obligation to share these stories."

Follow him on Twitter @klagodo and @MuheebwaH