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Carol Fekade
Artist - Carol Fekade

Carol Fekade

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Total of 718 votes
Last update: 03/22/19 03:17:05
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Location: AFRICA: Ethiopia
Signed up: 25 Mar 2012 12:20 AM
Genre: Spiritual

Carol Fekade is an inspired gospel singer from Ethiopia who has dedicated his life to the Lord and savior Jesus Christ. His debut album “Ye Hiwote Jimare” serves as a testimony to the love that God has for His children, His patience in waiting for His children to come back to the fold, and His desire that we love the least among us just as He unconditially loves us.

As an introduction to his musical ministry, the title track from this debut release is a touching song that offers its listeners encouragement, and helps them to remember that our final home is not this world. It's a reminder that the trials experienced in life can be blessings in disguise. Carol's music also offers a reminder that our wants and needs may not be what God wants for us - as God does not always use prosperity to bless his children.

Finally, a big thank to Ms. Betty Wilson, who supported Carol's dream to share his music . "Your support will open many new opportunities for this musical ministry and most importantly bless the lives of so many," says Carol. "God brought you into my life for a reason. Whenever people listen to this album, I hope that they remember you in their prayers."

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