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Daniel Nebiat
Artist - Daniel Nebiat

Daniel Nebiat

Avg 2.69 / 5
Total of 807 votes
Last update: 03/19/19 03:15:48
Account: Artist Quota

Location: AMERICA NORTH: Canada: Ontario
Signed up: 06 Jun 2011 12:10 AM
Genre: Traditional

Toronto’s krar star drops his first disc, which boasts super-infectious grooves that ought to end up on your summer mixtape. Hakimey features a mixture of Eritrean “country and new country,” as krar (a lyre-like African instrument) virtuoso Nebiat wryly describes his music, but these Tigrayan grooves are an exciting challenge for dancers weaned on Western pop’s typical 4/4 beats. Nebiat’s stuttering, electronic 6/8 rhythms are neither softened for a mainstream audience nor are they over-reliant on factory-preset synths like so much contemporary music production from the Horn of Africa. On top of booming beats, Nebiat’s krar produces major riffage, and the ever-versatile Waleed Abdulhameed adds latitude to the sound with a little percussion, guitar, horns and even harmonica. Abdulhameed’s basslines also deserve praise for adding subtle rhythmic and harmonic tension within each song.


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