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Elias Negash
Artist - Elias Negash

Elias Negash

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Last update: 03/22/19 22:13:45
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Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: California (CA)
Signed up: 02 Jun 2009 12:05 AM
Genre: Ethio Jazz

Elias Negash is an accomplished musician who has combined his native Ethiopian music with his jazz education, and influences from the world music segment. He played throughout the seventies and became one of the pioneering figures to have brought Reggae and African music to the Bay Area with smash hit groups including Obeah, Axum, Caribbean All Stars and the Rastafarians.

In addition to his role as a musician, Elias dedicates his time in multiple humanitarian efforts such as fundraising HIV/AIDS research and treatment, and building schools and water-wells in the rural areas of Ethiopia. Further, Elias was serving as a board member and treasurer for Ethiopian Arts Forum that strives to accomplish its objectives through the presentation of Ethiopian music, dance, poetry, drama and visual arts to the community.  Currently Elias serves as president of “Anbessa Foundation” a non-profit organization dedicated to being a bridge connecting Ethiopia and The United States.

Elias’ dedication to community service is not surprising because he hails from a family tradition, in which community service is prominent. His grandfather, Fitawerare Tafesse Hapte-Mickael, served his country as Minister of Works and Communication, as well as being the first President and Chairman of the Board of Ethiopian Airlines. His grandfather was also the Ambassador to Iraq, Egypt, Syria, France and Saudi Arabia. His uncle Hapte-Selassie Tafesse is best known as “the father of Ethiopian Tourism”. Among the many other things he is credited for is coining the generation old marketing motto “13 months of sunshine.” Elias’s Father Betewoded Negash Bezabeh, the grandson of King Tekel-Haimanot was a resistance leader who successfully fought against the Italian invasion of Ethiopia. Given his lineage of service, Elias brings a deep sense of concern for giving back to community.

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eyasutek (04 Nov 2009 04:58 AM)

Elias my brother I love your stuff, and it was great running into you the other day. Keep up the good work.

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Visitor: Retta Tamene (12 Oct 2009 12:47 PM)

I appreciate ur idea of the establishment of the foundation.Don't over-emphasize ur background.U R good by urself.

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Visitor: Dawit (04 Sep 2009 10:06 PM)

Kebede, You should be more sensitive! I have Ato Elias's cds, and he dedicated some of them to his father, who died when Elias was only 19. But his father still fought against the Italians and was put under house arrest for his resistance struggle! He is more than proud of his dad, God rest his soul.

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Visitor: Kebede Haile (14 Jul 2009 07:55 PM)

Why Elias need to talk about his grandfather? Was he raised by his biological father? or he has bad memries about his father? I wonder why?

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