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Elias Negash
Artist - Elias Negash | Videos (1)
Title: Ageraw Wasa Megena by Elias Negah and the Axum Band
About This Video

Added 09/04/09 22:57:41
Plays 0
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Length 6:30 MM:SS
Credits Elias Negah and the Axum Band

Channel Music Video

Avg 2.39 / 5
Total of 575 votes

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Elais Negash and the Axum Band play Ageraw Wasa Megena ("She Lives in Wasa Megena"), circa 1979.

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Visitor: Teddy (04 Feb 2010 05:49 PM)

This is incredible! Who knew!?!

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admin (04 Sep 2009 10:59 PM)

This is soooo funky it's not even funny!!!!!

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