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Kafa Beanz
Artist - Kafa Beanz

Kafa Beanz

Avg 2.64 / 5
Total of 973 votes
Last update: 03/22/19 06:30:16
Account: Artist Quota

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Maryland (MD)
Signed up: 07 Sep 2009 03:42 PM
Members: Burntface, Wayna, B Sheba, Gabriel Teodros, AP
Genre: Hip-Hop

For a FREE lo-fi copy of this CD, send an e-mail to kafa_beanz[at]addistunes[dot]com

The Kafa Beanz consist of lead vocalists B Sheba(rapper /singer)   and Burntface (rapper/producer) and is rounded out by Wayna (singer/songwriter), Gabriel Teodros (rapper), AP (rapper/singer) and various Special Guest Appearances including Hermela Mulatu (singer), daughter of Ethiopian Jazz Musician Mulatu Astatke.

The Kafa Beanz is a group of solo artists who share a passion for Africa and a desire to expose their music to the world. Four of the five members are of Ethiopian origin, and the exotic sounds of East Africa are evident in their music.

Despite having a sonic texture heavily influenced by 60s and 70s era Ethiopian Jazz music, The Kafa Beanz have a universal sound that has often been compared to The Fugees, Black Eyed Peas and Outkast. The Kafa Beanz effortlessly blends soulful vocal harmonies and poignant lyrics over an eclectic mixture of classic hip hop and futuristic world music. 

Each member is an accomplished artist in their own right with their own respective fan bases. Their collective professional experience and talents make for a powerful and versatile combination that can rock a party crowd or tantalize a jazzy lounge or café. In a time when the traditional music industry paradigm is crashing in on itself, and genres are being disregarded, The Kafa Beanz are poised to be the future of world music.

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User Image
Visitor: Kidane (01 Feb 2010 11:39 AM)

They rock!!!! The combination of such talented artists for this project was genius.

User Image
admin (22 Dec 2009 01:03 PM)

This CD is definitely ESSENTIAL listening!!!

User Image
Visitor: david holmes (18 Dec 2009 04:10 AM)

i need this!

User Image
Visitor: Robel (10 Dec 2009 12:36 PM)

We're rocking this hard in Sydney.

User Image
admin (30 Oct 2009 09:33 AM)

Henock, you can definitely download here or get the FREE lo-fi version by e-mailing Thanks for your support!

User Image
Visitor: Mahlet (09 Oct 2009 08:55 PM)

I like what Ahmed said! I'm betam proud!

User Image
Visitor: Henok Elias (04 Oct 2009 11:58 AM)

I would like this album please

User Image
Visitor: Ahmed Hassen (01 Oct 2009 11:19 AM)

Its cool these kind of guys in the other end of the world making all possible efforts to keep the Abyssinian Touch evergreen like the KAFA BEANS thats a source of pride for all those who left home willingly or unwillingly. God bless you guys ... Bertu!!!

User Image
Visitor: I_Luv_BSheba (17 Sep 2009 08:40 PM)

I love this! And my girl BSheba ripped it!

User Image
admin (16 Sep 2009 10:28 PM)

Hello world! Get ready for the Kafa Beanz on 09.25.09!!!

User Image
Visitor: Juice Webster (11 Sep 2009 11:54 PM)

This album is the truth!

User Image
admin (08 Sep 2009 01:10 PM)

Yeah, they are doing it BIG!

User Image
Visitor: Eyob (08 Sep 2009 10:26 AM)

I love the collaboration! We should all work together a lot more.

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