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Kafa Beanz
Artist - Kafa Beanz | Image Gallery (1)
Title: The Kafa Beanz Collective by The Kafa Beanz

© Kafa Beanz

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Uploaded: 09 Sep 2009 11:48 AM

The Kafa Beanz is a collective of solo artists who blend their Ethiopian culture and music with hip hop, soul, and alternative textures. The name “Kafa Beanz” is a play on words that alludes to the Kafa region of Ethiopia where coffee is known to originate from. Coffee was “discovered” by the Portuguese in Ethiopia in the middle ages. Coffee is the primary export of Ethiopia to this day and considered the countries most valuable export. This group of young artists, primarily of Ethiopian origin, wanted to express that the true value of Ethiopia is its people, thus the name Kafa Beanz.

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Visitor: Selam (09 Sep 2009 05:38 PM)

Hey My Habesh people Keep up the Fantastic work.....Loving your style. The musical and artistic fusion of Kefa Beanz is geniusly unique and feeds the soul of those diasporas such as myself. Stay blessed xxx

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