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Liz Ogumbo
Artist - Liz Ogumbo

Liz Ogumbo

Avg 2.63 / 5
Total of 823 votes
Last update: 03/21/19 08:26:07
Account: Artist Quota

Location: AFRICA: South Africa
Signed up: 16 May 2011 10:15 PM
Members: Liz Ogumbo
Genre: Soul

...The Triple Threat...

Ogumbo possesses a triple threat to the creative industries; combination of striking African looks with a sharp sense of fashion & style, her humourous writing and story-telling kill and her smoky sultry vocal abilities which put her in a league of her own as she shares her Ken-soul experience with the world.

“The Ken-Soul Experience captures me today, my roots, my love, Africa and my passion for living."

This journey exemplifies the birth of a beautiful colourful African butterfly from its Chrysalis and it’s quest to spread it’s wings and fly in pursuit to share her story.

Expressed in Luo, swahili, english and french through Kensoul, her soul is Kenyan and her experiences in life have developed this African girl child into a global soul instrument.

What to Expect In The Album: Kensoul

Liz, an avid songwriter and talks about her day-to-day  realizes  in  life  with  a cheerful  joy. Brought to you by Liz Ogumbo, KenSoul is a musical gift from Africa to the world, seeded in the Luo culture of Kenya’s lakeside region.

It passionately expresses a soul journey whose musical roots are anchored in Luo tradition and branch out to Swahili  and Chakacha sounds from the Kenyan coast; humid, sensuous and unforgettable..

The journey continues through jazzy tones to nu-soul energy to reggae "riddims" riding on spoken word, earthy vocals and a stylish heart to match.

Liz Ogumbos 12-track debut album, KenSoul is an invitation to explore a contemporary African musical expression – A new voice on the African musicscope.  

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