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Musica Popular Angolana
Artist - Musica Popular Angolana

Musica Popular Angolana

Avg 2.52 / 5
Total of 700 votes
Last update: 03/22/19 06:54:29
Account: Artist Quota

Location: AFRICA: Angola
Signed up: 31 Aug 2011 01:18 PM
Members: Ana, Van-Loy, Nelito
Genre: Traditional

Download for free here.

A very rare LP of music recorded in Brazzaville, Congo in 1969 during Angola's resistance to Portuguese colonialism. Recorded by an ensemble of musician collectively known as Conjunto Nzaji, this record was produced to support the MPLA (or Edicao do Movimiento de Libertacao de Angola), which fought against the Portuguese army in the Angolan War of Independence of 1961-1975, and ultimately defeated UNITA and the FNLA in the Angolan Civil War of 1975-2002.

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