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Artist - Teklemariams


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Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: California (CA)
Signed up: 20 Mar 2009 01:48 PM
Genre: Spiritual

Abraham and Eyasu Teklemariam are two brothers with a dynamic music Ministry. They grew up singing at their home church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where they learned all about the true meaning of worship. Their debut CD "Songs of Zion" is recorded all in Amharic with the exception of one English track, and introduces Praise and Worship music with a different flavor for everyone to experience. Throughout this recording you will find uplifting songs that talk about the wonderful attributes of God, and all His promises to His children. Musical and vocal arrangements were made by Eyasu Teklemariam and Abraham Teklemariam, with production work by Aaron Barbosa, Danny Guiterez, and Eyasu Teklemariam. The live instrumentation includes live drums, bass, keyboards, saxaphone and guitars - all of which give the recording an authentic and unique live feel for the listener to enjoy and to have a worship experience.

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User Image
Reaperdrone (29 Aug 2011 04:14 PM)

I really enjoy your music and I'm not Ethiopian - I'm African-American. Very beautiful spirituals - really uplifting! Bless you and your mission.

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Reaperdrone (29 Aug 2011 04:14 PM)

I really enjoy your music and I'm not Ethiopian - I'm African-American. Very beautiful spirituals - really uplifting! Bless you and your mission.

User Image
Visitor: melak (21 Aug 2010 06:42 AM)

God bless u!

User Image
Visitor: Ephraim Edwards (25 Mar 2010 09:29 AM)

Hi guys, I found your link on a friend's page on Facebook. Although I don't speak the language... I love the your music and always like to hear more from the mother land. You should submit you materials to We have a Sunday Gospel Show that would welcome your music. You can find all contact info on the site. Bless Ephraim Edwards

User Image
admin (12 Dec 2009 03:13 PM)

Frank, may God be with you and your wife in Kosovo!

User Image
Visitor: Frank Ramirez (06 Dec 2009 06:14 AM)

Bro Abraham, I've been hearing your prayers. I'm currently in Kosovo with my wife on a deployment. We've been doing the work of the Lord over here as our priority mission. Hearing these songs reminded me of the spoken word of God that came through you. Be encouraged. Jesus name.

User Image
Visitor: Getachew (17 Oct 2009 11:48 AM)

You guys are great. Keep up the good work of God. How can i get your cd?

User Image
eyasutek (14 Oct 2009 03:43 AM)

Thank you all for your encouraging words, Yes we are working on a 2nd Cd and hope to announce the release date soon. Teks

User Image
Visitor: Dawit (27 Sep 2009 04:58 AM)

Will u make another album ? the last one is really fantastic & blessing.I think u will provide the next album to christians soon.GOD bless u for your previous work. It really tought me alot.

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Visitor: yosef regassa (16 Sep 2009 08:20 AM)


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Visitor: Danny (21 Jul 2009 10:30 AM)


User Image
chii_chan (21 Jun 2009 05:50 AM)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! God bless you brothers! :)

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binyam123 (12 Apr 2009 10:08 AM)

Awsome songs! Jesus bless ya all!

User Image
admin (24 Mar 2009 09:29 AM)

The Teklemariams have powerful spirits and powerful voices! This CD is highly recommended. Great work guys - keep blessing us with this incredible music!!!

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God bless you. I've been blessed more than I can say by you. Love the secon album
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