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Yezina Negash
Artist - Yezina Negash | Videos (1)
Title: Gedamu by Yezina Negash
About This Video

Added 01/28/10 22:51:03
Plays 0
Downloads 0
Length 5:04 MM:SS
Credits Yezina Negash

Channel Drama

Avg 2.8 / 5
Total of 536 votes

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Yezina Negash is one of the most prolific Azmari singers in the world - who first came to the attention of Western audiences through her guest appearance on the Heliocentrics collaboration with Ethiopian jazz legend Mulatu Astatke.  Gedamu is her video debut.

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User Image
solomoncologne (13 Jan 2012 04:23 AM)

wow ahun teji amaregn :)

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Visitor: Robel (11 Mar 2010 01:44 PM)

Betam gobez! Eskista konjo new!

User Image
admin (28 Jan 2010 11:48 PM)

One of the best Azmari singers ever!!!

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