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Gabriel Teodros
Artist - Gabriel Teodros

Gabriel Teodros

Avg 2.74 / 5
Total of 827 votes
Last update: 10/18/17 00:30:28
Account: Artist Quota

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Washington (WA)
Signed up: 16 Dec 2009 11:45 PM
Genre: Hip-Hop
Influences: khingz, meklit hadero, abyssinian creole, bob marley & the wailers, curtis mayfield, 2pac, lauryn hill, nina simone, stevie wonder, mystic, the roots, jean grae, bambu, kiwi, native guns, k'naan, kamau, invincible, skim, burntface, and more.

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Gabriel Tedoros discusses his latest project:

So i had plans to be in Ethiopia right now with The Arba Minch Collective, but sometimes life makes other plans for you... and instead i ended up somewhere between Brooklyn, NY and New Addis (Washington, D.C.) for the last 2 months. While here on the East Coast, i've been able to start and complete a collaborative project with Amos Miller entitled Air 2 A Bird, fine-tune and record more tracks for the Colored People's Time Machine album and found time to do a little mixtape! If you haven't heard, Oh No dropped an instrumental project recently called Ethiopium, a really dope collection of beats made using classic and rare Ethiopian samples. On one hand, i was really excited to see a producer who i'm a fan of using samples from my mother's land... on the other hand, it's crazy as a musician, to know the struggles of other Ethiopian musicians, and how much harder it must be back home to create this music, that in 2009 people are sampling our classics left and right, and i know that very little, if any, of the money made off these samples ever actually gets back to these musicians, who can barely make a living off this music, and who back home couldn't make a living off of it at all. Not to say i'm against sampling, most of the hip hop i love is still based on samples... but if someones gonna do it, i feel like there should at least be an Ethiopian perspective to go with these beats! So when nobody was looking, i made a mixtape... GT's Ethiopium! I call it A Jitter Generation Mixtape cause none of the songs are longer then 2 minutes... download it, love it, pass it on!

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User Image
Likewhyz (03 May 2012 07:50 PM)

Truly a stone not simply a pebble on my road of life, a clasiq Hip-Hop recording for African diasporadics like myself, in America. Betam Ameseginalehugn.

User Image
Visitor: Eric (12 Aug 2010 10:45 PM)

Thank you

User Image
Visitor: Dagi (21 Jan 2010 05:14 PM)

Oh Noooo!!!!!!!!!! This is bangin! I got like 100 cousins too! :>

User Image
Visitor: royalT (06 Jan 2010 01:27 AM)

man, you allready kno, i dig your sHits GT but i wanted to get on and put people on. get this, it's proper pure lovely yadada real lovework.

User Image
Visitor: Teddy (26 Dec 2009 11:43 PM)

Wondem Gabriel, you should do these live with Oh No. I would pay big bucks to see that. Keep it up and emesegenallo.

User Image
Visitor: asnake gizachew (25 Dec 2009 01:22 AM)

thanx a lot

User Image
admin (22 Dec 2009 01:03 PM)

Thanks for dropping this for the massive, brother! Very hot stuff!

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