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Tommy T
Artist - Tommy T

Tommy T

Avg 2.54 / 5
Total of 827 votes
Last update: 03/22/19 22:44:35
Account: Artist Quota

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Virginia (VA)
Signed up: 10 Nov 2009 11:08 PM
Members: Mikias Abebayehu, Zakki Jawad, Beniam Bedru, Andrea Fabbri, David Sislen, Henock Temesgen, Jorga Mesfin, Setegne Atenaw, DeAndre Shaifer, Pedro Erazo, Adu, Gigi, Abdi Nuressa, and Eugene Hutz
Genre: Ethio Jazz
Influences: Gogol Bordello, Henock Temesgen, Admas, Gigi, and Wayna.

For the past three years, Tommy T (Thomas T. Gobena) has been the bass player for gypsy punk powerhouse Gogol Bordello. Tommy was born and raised in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia's capital city) and the knowledge of global rhythms he brings to Gogol's sound has become part of their unclassifiable approach to music making.

With the encouragement of his Gogol Bordello band mates, Tommy has produced his first solo effort, "The Prester John Sessions." An aural travelogue that ranges freely through the music and culture of Ethiopia, the album is a collection of 11 songs including a remix of the track "Oromo Dub (Cushitic Dub)," featuring fellow Gogol Bordello band mates Eugene Hutz and Pedro Erazo and mixed by Michael Goldwasser of the Easy Star All-Stars. 

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Visitor: Eyob (26 Feb 2010 08:25 AM)

This is my favorite CD of all time. Tommy T did it!

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Visitor: Mickey (17 Feb 2010 11:58 AM)

I love The Prester John Sessions! I discover something new about it each time I listen.

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Visitor: Selam (15 Feb 2010 10:32 PM)

I love this CD and I hear his live performance is NOT to be missed! Habeshas doing their thang! I love it!

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admin (12 Feb 2010 03:54 PM)

I love this CD!! Some amazing tracks on here.. Definitely essential listening!

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